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Controlling Emails generated by Buzzsaw

Buzzsaw gives administrators the ability to disable most email notifications. Have you made a change to a group in Buzzsaw and want to permanently disable the email that goes out to the newly added group member? Do you really need that email telling you that you just added a new member to your Buzzsaw site?

So you’ve added a member to a group…….and send the email out letting the member know that they’ve been added to this group. The reality is, most of the time the member doesn’t need to know that they’ve been added to a group. Then the email or phone call comes in, “I got this email telling me that I’ve been added to a group named group name here, what does this mean?” And the answer is usually, “Nothing to worry about, just disregard that email” It’s one thing for Buzzsaw asked if you want to these notifications to go out. (see below).

Note the “In the future, do not show options when changing member properties”. Checking this box can stop the dialog from appearing.

Alternatively, you can turn some notifications off and leave others on

Do this:
  1. Tools
  2. Preferences
  3. Email Tab
  4. Deselect the emails that you don’t want going out


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