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Project Collaboration with Buzzsaw, QTO, and DWF

Buzzsaw Baby Picture (circa May 2000)

From May 0f 2000. Buzzsaw was still a dot com, not under Autodesk at the time.

Some interesting bits:

  • Carl Bass was the CEO of Buzzsaw at the time.
  • Many of us were using dialup internet access, so uploading/downloading to/from Buzzsaw wasn’t a lot of fun.
  • There were tons of “Collaboration” tools/companies bursting onto the scene (many of them are now gone). You couldn’t throw a rock at a trade show without hitting a collaboration booth.
  • There was free training on Thursdays at 1pm (this still occurs each and every Thursday)
  • You’ll see the link showing the second round of Venture Funding of $75M…..this funding link also reveals the Buzzsaw Launch date of November 1, 1999.
  • There was a free “Basic Plan” for Buzzsaw……I think it was for 25 or 50 members with 500MB storage (don’t quote me on those numbers)
  • The idea of a site webcam was promoted on the homepage

The links are slow……but many of them still work.


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