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Using Groups as email Distribution Lists in Buzzsaw

Groups in Buzzsaw are a great way to manage permissions.  Another good use of groups is for emailing from Buzzsaw.  In this example, we are creating a group named “Email – All” for blasting email messages from Buzzsaw to everyone on the Buzzsaw Site.

1.  From the Groups Tab in the Site Administration Panel, create a new Group.

creating the email group

2.  Now that you have given the new group a name, populate the group with existing members.

adding members

3.  Don’t add this group to any projects.  We are creating the group for email purposes only.


4.  Send your email to the group.  In this case, we’re sending an important message intended for all site members.  Instead of picking several individual members as recipients, we are selection one group (which happens to contain all members of the Buzzsaw Site)

1.  Be sure to add new members in the future to the “Email – All” group

2.  Permissions are unaffected.  Members maintain all permissions they had prior to being added to this email group

3.  In this example, we’ve used a “Private” group.  If privacy isn’t an issue, you can make it an “Open” group

4.  Your action of sending the email to this group will be preserved in the Buzzsaw Activity Log

5.  If you send a link to an existing Buzzsaw File in this email, the activity log will reveal the members that viewed the linked file

6.  Like any email in Buzzsaw, you can add an attachment.  However, there will be no record of the recipients actually viewing the attachment.  See #5 above for the preferred method for tracking those who have viewed the linked file.

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