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Sending documents from iPhone to Buzzsaw

The method detailed below shows how to use your iPhone for scanning documents for upload to Buzzsaw. There’s more than one way to accomplish this. I prefer this method because JotNot Scanner (an iPhone app) has proven to be stable and very useful.

Download and install the JotNot App for your iPhone from the App Store (currently $4.99US)


Run JotNot from your iPhone


1. The JotNot icon

Prepare to photograph your document


1. Select the Camera Icon to launch the scanner function

Snap your photo


Get as close to your subject as possible. Your photo does not need to be perfectly aligned. In the next step, we can address any skewing and cropping. JotNot has settings to adjust contrast Image Stabilization, Contrast, Resolution, etc.

Perform alignment and crop procedure


In this step, you can adjust any imperfections in the scan

Process the image


Processing takes a few seconds

Your finished “Scan”


1. Select this button to select your next action

Several options to upload your scan. WebDAV will be our option for accessing Buzzsaw.


1. Choose to upload to WebDAV, our link to Buzzsaw

Select WebDav/iDisk to access Buzzsaw


1. Select WebDav/iDisk. IN the next step we’ll configure to send to Buzzsaw

Entering your Buzzsaw login credentials


1. Enter your Buzzsaw login credentials
2. Enter your Buzzsaw site using this format.

Select your Buzzsaw folder to upload your document to


After selecting your Buzzsaw upload location, you’re done! The upload takes place.

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